Styrélius  electric violin
Styrélius electric violin is the instrument for musicians who want an electric violin but
who are eager to retain the character of an acoustic violin. Are you  dissatisfied with
the electric violins you have listened to because they don´t sound like a violin in the
same way an electric guitar doesn´t sound like a guitar? Then this instrument will
interest you. You will find it very difficult to hear any difference between this electric
violin and an acoustic violin with a contact microphone attached to it. At both low and
high levels it keeps its violin sound. This is made possible by a microphone system built
around a sound board.

The instrument has the same unique microphone system as the Elvari. The body is
built of high quality birch plywood. The neck is in traditional maple, the fingerboard
and tuning pegs in ebony and the string holder in alloy with built in fine tuners. As an
alternative the string holder can bee made of ebony. 

This electric violin is also a perfect instrument for practising even when it is not connected
to an amplifier. Its sound level, dynamic and sound remain so good you will be happy
to play it unplugged. Your neighbours, family and pets will also be happy.
The instrument has a built in volume control. There is a four stringed and a five
stringed model. The later also has the viola C-string. Both instruments have
the usual violin measures. The standard colour is red.

Here a recording from 2016 with Jan Hellberg Latin Jazz Septet. Janne is playing on electric violin nr 1, the firts one built for him by me 1997.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPP1HDfKsFY 

Contact:  www.styrelius.se