for early music

The drums are made in the form of wooden casks. A large number of beech slats are glued together to form the drum body. The drumheads are made of calfskin, and the bindings are made of hemp.
I have not done exact replicas of existing instrument, but have used the techniques that were available and well known during the medieval/renaissance periods. My ambition is to create drums which compliment the other instruments in the renaissance ensemble in respect to both appearance and sound.


These drums can be tightened and, if necessary, tuned. The tuning interval is about one forth.
The tambourines have bells instead of discs, which I find to give a softer sound. The skin is glued to the frame. 

A drumstick comes with each drum.  

Care instructions

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Contact:  www.styrelius.se

Listen to music where the drums are use: www.quodlibet.se
Building in five steps: