contact microphone

To create the best acoustical sound the contact microphone
is made of tight grained alp spruce, the same kind of
tone wood used in the top of violins and guitars.
The microphone is constructed for mounting on the outside
but can also bee attached on the inside.
The microphone works perfectly well on guitar,
nylon and steel stringed, as well on double bass.
Works perfectly well in all frequencies.

The microphone gives a strong signal with very good dynamics.
No battery is needed. No pre amp needed.
Can be directly plugged in to a PA. Either with a cable or wireless. Wireless is possible as no built in pre amp is needed.
Works very well together with small acoustic amplifiers
like e.g. Roland Mobile Cube and Yamaha THR5A.
Elvari electric violin has a microphone with basically this construction.


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             ( ~ 230  EURO  July 2020)


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 Hand built contact microphone

Size: 38 x 34 x 9 mm



contact microphone on acoustic guitar,